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Hi, I am Marcel, post-doc, physicist, working on super-resolved fluorescence microscopy. This is an overview page for my projects, and so somewhat of a CV.

The fairSIM project

My main project is an open-source reconstruction software for structured illumination microscopy (SIM), found at All code is hosted here on github, including a manual and test datasets. There is also a publication here in Nature Communications (open access).

We are currently working on combining fairSIM with a home-built, 2D SIM microscope system, and are in the last stages of drafting an accompanying publication.

SIM resources

Bielefeld Biophysics

I also maintain the github project page of the Biomolecular Photonics group at Bielefeld University, and implemented the Java / ImageJ-plugins hosted there:

  • ESI: A entropy-based super-resolution approach by Idir Yahiatene
  • GICA: A colocalization analysis approach by Fabian Humpert

Contact & Networks

You can reach me

  • via e-mail:
  • on Twitter: @mueller_physics

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