Marcel Müller

super-resolution microscopy

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Hi, I am Marcel Müller, a post-doctoral researcher working on software & instruments for super-resolved fluorescence microscopy.

The fairSIM project

My main research focus is structured illumination microscopy (SIM). My fairSIM project ( provides open-source software (publication,code), an integrated, multi-color, video-rate SIM microscope providing real-time reconstruction (publication, code, datasets) and novel, multi-planar detection schemes (preprint).

Bespoke & cost-effective super-resolution systems

I also contribute to the development and implementation of cost-effective super-resolution systems.

Further SIM resources

Bielefeld Biophysics

I maintain the github project page of the Biomolecular Photonics group at Bielefeld University, and implemented the Java / ImageJ-plugins hosted there:

  • ESI: A entropy-based super-resolution approach by Idir Yahiatene
  • GICA: A colocalization analysis approach by Fabian Humpert
  • Improvements to the IDS device adapter to run IDS uEye caremas at full speed in MicroManager

Contact & Networks

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